The most cruel thing is to share your thoughts and your dreams with people who don’t deserve it!

I mean it and I know what it feels like when you trust people and when you open up to them and they show no mercy in killing your dreams or your optimism with their ideas or point of view.

Actually the most cruel thing is to show yourself pure as your are to someone who doesn't even give a f**k, because he/she is too busy thinking about himself/herself that it’s a waist of time co-relating with others.

I think it’s sad, it’s poor and it’s grey. A life of complete loneliness.

It’s cool to be lonely sometimes with yourself, with your mind, with your soul. It’s not cool when all you have is your image, your needs. Narcissism is from my point of view not only a weakness but also an illness.

I find today, hard not be concerned about yourself, about your self esteem, the way you look, what you eat, how you sleep and all the other important stuff, but come on!?
Do we have to go that far? Do we have to take it to extreme all he things that we neglected until now? Do we have to create and reinvent ourselves a new life, a new image just because we are to scare when we look at ourselves in the past?

I don’t think so…

I look at myself 10 years ago and I can say one thing: “Dam I was stupid!”
I can look at myself 15 years ago and I can say: “Jesus. I was so lost” !
I look at myself 20 years ago and I need to say ” Child dear child, be strong!”
I look at myself now and I can proudly say ” You finally got out of it!”

So the next time you want to share your dreams and your thoughts with others keep in mind that not everybody deserves to see you that pure, that naked. Keep your safety “roman toga”, strengthen your back, arch your shoulders, look ahead and just smile!

You have yourself, it’s enough!

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