“Lost inspiration, who finds it please return it to the owner!”

I wanted to write yesterday evening. I had 2 hours for myself, so I used the time doing something that pleases me: watch a movie!

In the middle of the movie I had a thought ” You could write something, you had so much in mind these days”.

So I stopped the movie and came here. I looked at the monitor, I looked at my hands, I looked into my mind,ready to go, aaaaaandddd BLANK!

Can you believe it? When I want to empty my had a little, nothing! A thousand thoughts go through and can’t keep it down, but now it was really, completely empty!

I was bluffed, I literally bluffed myself, and then I thought of this reinvention of mine.

Yes I’ve changes and I’ve changed a lot. I can barely recognize myself in some situations and I am totally the same in others. It’s weird how a child changes your entire life, your entire structure.  We become more patient, more careful, forgiving and more relaxed with things that matter less.

I remembered myself 5 years ago: Jealous!

In my vision that time, (not very wise) jalousie was a act/feeling/proof of love. How stupid that sounds? I bet I’ m not the only one, being that stupid :D

I thought that if my husband would flirt with another woman or even go with another one it would be because I am not good enough or because I am not beautiful enough.

I just realized that if he would do that, there is nothing I could do about it and it won’t change my beauty or my authenticity, so why the hell would I be jealous?  Nope, we are all free human beings and he is free to go away whenever he founds himself miserable with me and I shall do the same.

Meanwhile we try to make ourselves happy as much as possible and enjoy the moment. We never know what tomorrow might bring: Happiness, sadness or just a change!?

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