Take a step back, look into your heart 

Did it ever happen to you, to have this dream and the neighbor next door made it on his own?

Let me tell you what happened to my dream!?!

When I was 10 or 12 years old my mum bought these skirts, identical, one for her one for me. The fabric, was something like silk or mixed polyester with cotton. I remember perfectly the printed calla flowers on the black background.


So, one day we were walking dressed with these skirts and people were looking and smiling at us. We understood immediately that looking alike in these skirts was more that just bounding and fun. My mother felt younger when people were asking if she was my sister, and I felt bigger, more important wearing that skirt and looking like my mum.

Kids will always copy and imitate the parents, the proof is so obvious. 

The same fabric I saw it yesterday when I was searching for a dress inspiration and I had this flashback memory. 

Suddenly I asked myself, what happen to that dream of yours? Nothing! I just let it die in some dark corner of my mind. 

When I was a child, I always dreamed to become a fashion designer.I remember cutting some of the "good" evening dresses of my mum, trying to reinvent them, playing the fashion designer game. I even tried her wedding gown and made THE fashion walk/parade for all my friends in the backyard of the building. :D Crazy kid hah?

 Surprisingly, I ended up wearing jeans and t-shirt and so the skirt became the outfit that I would wear twice a year!  

Is this just a childhood game that we all played, or did I just lost myself on the road? 

During my professional carrier I've never done things with my hands like sewing, creating, painting or designing. I used my brain as much I could and I don't thing it's bad but it would have been great to see that I can do nice handcrafted things.The coordination brain-hand starts in the first year of life and we should develop it until we die. 

Now that I have my own kid, I want to accomplish my dreams, don't know why, probably because I want to be a good example, but I don't have enough strength and courage to go for it. I am too afraid of the failure. I know it's coward, low self esteem  and it's not fair, but it's real and it happens to me.

Did your dream got carried away or did you went for it no matter the risks?