Home is ....where your heart is! 

They say home is that place you build yourself, that state of mind, those people that surround you with love, that family that you build from scratch,

Others believe that home is everywhere. 

I believe Home is where you heart is and that only place where you drop your luggage and say Ahhhhhhh! 

It happened and I realized what home is after the latest holidays: 10 days at home. I mean my homeland, back to my origins, my country. 

In 10 days I've learned more lessons about what home means, than in 14 years of traveling. I had times of my life when I taught home is something that I have to build, alone, so nobody can take it away from me. 

Then I traveled a lot and I started to believe that home is everywhere, among all kind of people , different mentalities, different races, all spices and all fragrances.

After being deceived that I still haven't found my place,I decided that home can be  also be a simple van, so I can run away, travel or do as I wish into my very own home. 

Later on I got married and my husband told me," We are going to build a home together" and I was crazy happy about it. We started building this home and still the feeling was not there, I was still not home. 

Then I got pregnant and withing time I got closer and closer to the idea that this is home, me, my husband and our baby. 

Then Mr. baby arrived, and all feelings got together, mixed up, I got madly confused. Until that moment, when I came back from our journey, the 3 of us. 

When I dropped the luggage in front of the door and I said Ahhhhh, it was clear to me: I was home even tho I have nothing "material kind"  here to call it home. 

A few lessons I've learned during my short journey it's a long debate and I need to reflect carefully about it, but it will be up soon. 

What do you call home? Do you have a specific feeling about it, or do you just believe, home is where your heart is?