Changes-part2- Evolution 

"Here comes that moment in your life when no matter what, things change."

I was thinking today what is going to change for my son, that he is so fussy and so tired and so not willing to accept anything (even sleep). I can see that he is up to something, and that something is called evolution.

They say any major change comes with "preparation". Either you take it with happiness (like you whore waiting for it since a lifetime) either it makes go crazy and you accept it by working with yourself.

Then I stopped and looked back. Is it really that way?

I remember that I've made some choices and I was half convinced that things would go well, and it proved to be the greatest choice ever.  Do we really fight ourselves or is it just fear? Fear of the unknown, fear of the change (because is so good to remain in the comfort area). I also have been thru the other side of things: wanted desperately something, someone and found out that it was the worst thing ever.

But now I have a feeling,that it's the moment to make a change and this one is the good one.

What do we feel,when it's The moment, the change? Many have tried to describe it, I wouldn't cause it's impossible, but one thing I know : It's there, inside my mind, my body, my heart.

Do you know when to change and what to change? Do you feel a change coming!?

I definitely feel mine, and I just hope and pray that things will go as better as possible!

"Dear "change", please be nice to me, I've had enough, I need better, I need to remain happy!"

Thank you!