Love, respect, empathy. What is that?!  

Dear beloved one, Let me tell you once again: listen to my words, listen carefully but mostly listen with your heart. At the beginning I thought it was just me getting things wrong, so I learned to "take it on me" as the french say. But then I saw  someone else having the same situation, she was talking and the one next to, was either not listening either taking her for granted. Than it occurred to me: you can always "fake" listening ,take a few words, make a discussion over it. 

Well, that's not really my point today. I had another thought when I saw someone close to me almost harassing me for a choice that I've made regarding my son's nutrition. So I stood there and wondered: When you jump on me with your advice, how much of it do you apply it on yourself? 

Do you really care about your own children before taking care of mine? Do we really need to care that much (until we go crazy) about other's choices? 

What is that makes some of us just go crazy and inflict our own rules? When did we stopped respecting others choices and invade their intimacy? 

What is makes us wanna know more and get more into other's lives? 

And suddenly I had the answer! Of course there are different causes for this behavior, but the first and the most important is the lack of respect.   

When you truly love and respect someone you find a different way to show your disapproval or your opinion. Where there is no love, you just become aggressive, rude, non sense and have no lack of empathy. 

Surprisingly studies show that education plays the most important role in the respect of others. Should I doubt the education? Hm, don't know what to say. Useless to say how hurt I was, almost  shamed of myself, later on I realized it not worth it. 

So dear beloved one, if you really love yourself you will love and respect me. Then, if you truly want to reinvent your life start by reinventing yourself. 

Forgive yourself and the others, even when they are not perfect or right, respect their choices and you shall be respected."Care" less for others (in the wrong sense of caring, if you know what I mean), look more into your own "garden", see what flowers you have to grow!