Where does destiny takes you?

While I was laying happily in my bed last night,I had a thought: Is there a "finish line" or it's just the destiny/karma/ God that settles us down somewhere? 

Do we decide it ourselves or it's just the Divinity's decision, the destiny's game or just a coincidence that we ended up here?

How did I get here? I never planned to end up in France!? I never believed that I could live here, not to mention have a french kid! 

It's funny, because looking at the 2 maps the departments look a little alike :) or maybe it's just me, going crazy. 

This is my hometown department :) 


and this is the one that live brought me to


I was thinking to write a few articles with the places I've been and the experiences that I had.Maybe it will bother some people, maybe some won't agree on me showing a part of me, maybe some of you would really appreciate the tourist part of it, but mostly me, I will take of some "coats" that I no longer need. Some memories that should just get out and be useful to others. 

What I love the most about live(after my son of course) is traveling. I've traveled a lot during those 32 years, but I feel that not enough. I hope my journey will inspire others to go further for their dreams and travel as much as possible. 

Hope you see you soon!