Nutritional parenting and “D”octors away ….

When you say nutrition I think healthy. I see a bunch of fruits and vegetables all in a pile, like the health pyramid. Then, I just sit and wonder how this pyramid has become first a center of interest, then a study and later on a job.

Nowadays we have these people “nutritionist” and they are entitled to tell you what to eat (as you can’t decide either control what you eat)!!! First I asked myself: Is this a joke?

Hell not!!! A nutritionist today earns around 1500-2500 Euros (I am sticking to Europe salaries. In the US it can be even more of course the obesity ratio is different and we need more qualified people.

Bu let me tell what I found out lately. Now we are going to invent the baby nutritionist!!!! Because having a pediatrician, an orthophonist, orthodontist, ophthalmologist and all the other bunch of specialists (which is not bad at all) is not enough.


Nowadays nothing is enough. Technology is not enough, medicine is not enough and it’s fine, it’s fine. Don’t think I am the kind of a “Cage woman” but I am just wondering where is the “ordinary human’s being “sense”?

Do we mothers, aren’t we suppose to have the maternal instinct? Aren’t we supposed to read a book and make a decision based on our own thoughts or education level?

Do we have to see a nutritionist to tell us that you can’t have bread with pasta or protein with starchy or fries with more greasy ingredients!!!!????

I for myself, I don’t need it. And hell it’s not by arrogance or being full of myself. I just don’t need it.

I had that education, that simple nutritional education when you are full you stop and you don’t need to eat all the food in front of you!

But what do you do when your child (like mine in this case) has all the food in world in front of him but he is not interested, he doesn’t’ want anything and if he want something he will do it himself.

I always had this thing with my son; he always wanted to do things by himself. I know it’s food for his development to leave him do it but we are at the border between dangerous for his health and 3I don’t know what to do anymore”!!!

I already red Dr Carlos Gonzales book “ My child won’t eat” and I managed to stay calm for a month but since no progress I am slowly going crazy again.

Do you have any advices? What made your child’s appetite? How did you handle these crazy moments when he won’ eat? 

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