Take a step back and tell me, what do you see? 


I’ve been thinking seriously and wondering if I am good at my job because it’s in “my blood” or just because I am experienced.

And I wondered, what scares people in changing their jobs?

Again I must flatter myself by acknowledging and being proud by the changes I’ve done in my life, although I was afraid. I’ve noticed on myself and on others: more you are afraid of a change, better you will take it. More you fear leaving the comfort area, better you will succeed because as they say you might be ready for anything.

Read the article on Psychcentral (because I love their site) http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2011/03/17/pessimism-vs-optimism/ and recognized myself totally into the pessimist.


I admit I’ve tried to be optimistic several times but I ended up very disappointed and I realize it’s just not ME!

They say we should listen to our instinct, but do we truly trust ourselves enough? Do I?

No, of course not! I don’t and that’s part of the self esteem travel that I must take, that you should take if you doubt yourself.

I looked the other day at my body, at the way it changed after childbirth and I realize, no matter how much weight I’ll lose; my body will never be the same again.

So as you, once you’ve been hit by a change, you’ll never be same again, as hard as you try.

 So let’s embrace the change, let’s embrace the new with no fear and let’s give a warm cuddle to our poor “hearts” that sometimes all they need it’s just OUR Love.

Yours thankful,

Reinvent Yourself