Don’t blame others for your s***t

I don’t know what came to me but lately I’ve started to observe people more and more. It’s interesting when watching their reactions, their gestures, their favorite topics. 
 Some people get to meet and “stick” there (into the heart) and even if it’s just a “passage” in their lives, they leave a print on us. 
 Others just can’t connect, because they are too busy, building empires, building an image or just want to be alone. 
 In this loneliness that some build because of fear, of the unknown, of abandon or any other reason, people build walls, barriers. 
When building these walls, you stop seeing what truly comes to you.
When not assuming your thought and your words, you might want to blame others.
It’s simple, I did it myself.
 Why in the world would I take on me all these negative behaviors, all these issues?!
 Because what you give is what you get and thousands of others well known and qualified doctors, psychologists have already made their point. 
If you just stop a minute and ask yourself:  What makes me feel like this? What have done?
Review your actions, look back into it, review your words and your tone (remember tone is very important). 
I work since a few years in the commercial area and one of the key to success when it comes to customer service or dealing is the smile. Even troughs the phone you can feel someone smiling.
I am not telling you to smile when you are angry, but if you could just take a breath, see the true reason of your anger: Is it still the other one? Do you have your part on it? 
Come on, be honest with yourself, if not you that WHO? 
Remember, being true to you means respect and love for yourself and when have that, you have it all.

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