Have you done everything in your power?

It happens sometimes that things don’ t go that way we wanted, we get stuck in a situation and we just, can’ t find the way out. 
 If you seek help the first question is “Have you done everything to make it work”? 
 Most of us reply YES, I’ve done my part and why is still not here? 
Let take an example, marriage. 
 Marriage is one of those parts that you HAVE to make it work. And you try your best, on both sides, but then the ties are not binding. 
 At the end both feel frustrated, angry, disappointed. They say, in order to last marriage is a lot of work, a lot of commitment. 
But when enough is enough?! 
 When do we stop committing, involving, take all the bulls***t on us? 
 Can we see the light at the end of the tunnel even if your eyes are covered in anger? No, we can’t. 
Frustration is one of those feelings that keep you in the same place but at the same time it can be the wake up call. 
 When you had enough and you finally see that you deserve better, the first thing to do is ACCEPTANCE. 
 Just accept it, take it as it is: It didn’t work out! You made the best out of it, you’ve tried didn’t you!?
Denying will just extend the agony, the fear of the unknown, the anxiety of new beginnings. 
Maybe all these new beginnings, all this “fresh difficult” start (because it can be very difficult sometimes) and all the new circumstances will make you grow and glow.
 Remember, you are the only person holding the key to your happiness (and YES everybody knows it) and it is true. 
If you doubt yourself today, it’s fine, it’s normal, it’s healthy; but don’t do it for ever.  When your body, you inner self is yelling at you with all the molecules that you have to go, just GO for God sake! Don’t stay there and loose, this most precious thing you have: TIME! 
 Now, go and be happy J  Write me back when you have a second and tell me how it feels. 
 Love, yours 
Reinvent Yourself