Start over (when it’s time to)

I’ve written recently a lot about enough and when we have to change, because we no longer fit into the actual context. 
 Today I would like to share with you a few tips on how to start over (fresh) and make the transition easier. 
 1) Celebrate it
Endings can be really good for you. Not only may the freshness of a new beginning but as well the challenge of the unknown, reveal a true force in you. 
 Don’t be afraid, go ahead, try something new, either in your professional life by changing your job, your education, just get out of the comfort area. Challenge Yourself, is the only way to see you limits and your potential. 
 2) Leave you past behind, it has nothing new to tell you
 They’ve said it so many times I am not going to repeat it, your past it’s behind and it should stay there. Learn your lesson, take advantage of all the knowledge and the experience that you’ve achieved but don’t make a fuss out of it. Yes, you’ve suffered a lot, yes you’ve been so far on this journey, however this is what makes you today a Warrior. Go and show yourself as you are, true, honest, naked of fear, just as you are. Understanding what went wrong is one of the essential keys to unlock new opportunities. 
 3) Trust yourself
 I’ve said it so many times, now I wonder if I am not going crazy with this one, but it is so trueeeeeee
If your gut, your instinct, your body tells you not to, or go for it, then go, what the hell are we waiting for? 
And what if I fail? 
Well my dear friend, so many other have failed so bravely and started over again, Einstein it's just a n example :)

4) Give yourself realistic objectives on long and short term
 I wanna be a designer. I know I am not going to be equal to Ellie Saab and Valentino for the next 2 years, so I will start with small designs, I give myself 3 years to enter the market (to be present in one shop except mine). Don’t go on the extreme way, start with small objectives so you can raise not only your self esteem but as well you project slowly but surely. 
 5) No regrets. 
 Someone very special in my life has always regrets, on everything. 
If she buys something then a few hours later she rethinks it over. Did I do wrong? I shouldn’t …I will take it back… Always regretting things that she’s done words that she said and even all the things that she didn’t went for. 
They say it’s best to regret the things that we’ve done wrong than all the things we could have done. 
 From my personal experience today, I regret the things I’ve missed, the moment I didn’t trust myself, the lack of self esteem that pushed me into this situation. So today do it, dare to take your project, your thoughts, your fears to the next step, it’s your new mission, your new  lesson. 
Sincerely yours,
Reinvent yourself