Places I have been (Serbia)

I never planned to go there for any reason, it just happened. 
 I went to Serbia when I was more or less 22 (I remember 2006), I went    there for love, to follow love, but there no love there, just knowledge,       just a lesson.
 I knew nothing much about this East European country with such a turbulent past, but such a rusty, unbroken, natural beauty. 
 The nature, the views, the air in some regions are so pure, so clean of dust, pollution, no misery  and no anger that you might feel for a few seconds, in Heaven.
I use to live in very small village close to a more or less town. It’s called Batowice and I use to care of an elder couple who survived the (cold/hot) war. (then I got to work in big place…)
She was 80 and she had completely lost her mind, she was half paralyzed in a bed, couldn’t move her legs, couldn’t be coherent in her speech and not much memories to talk about.
 She had the “mean eyes”, she use full of hate, and you could sense it in her speech, in her attitude, in her gesture.  She was in pain; physical and psychological pain. I didn’t know how to help, except giving as much as I could: Love and respect for the human being. 
 In 6 months she changed so much, while I took care of her, I couldn’t believe it myself. 
She was happy when I took her out for a break in sunny day, she was happy to see that I was not disgusted (any longer) when I gave her bath, when I use to bring her photos of her kids or her younger self, and she was happy when I use to help her eat.
 She was no longer the savage person that use to wait for me to change her diaper and throw her sh**t   at me! (Yes it’s true, she use to do this me) She was warm and happy to see me. 
I couldn’t’ speak Serbian because I was not ready for this journey, she teached me.
He, he was old, overwhelmed in alcohol and sadness (the kids where no longer there, didn’t visit much) and couldn’t express much of his feelings, probably it was too much even for him to bare. 
 Today I am thankful to all those people that gave me so much when they had little. 
I am thankful to all the cultural luggage they gave me before I left, I am thankful for all the magical food recopies that I still have in my menu today, I am grateful on days of “SLAWA” and I haven’t forgot them. (Even if they are no longer with us)
 Rest in peace Baka y Dedo (бака y деда)
 Sincerely yours,
 Reinvent Yourself