Places I’ve been (Italy)

 So, yes I’ve decided to write a little bit more of the places and experiences that I had in these countries, not only because some of you asked, but it might help others that want to travel and explore. 
My trip to Italy (the first time) was very short but enough to make me fall in love with the country, the people, the food, the spirit. 
I arrived in late afternoon of June, some serious problems at the airport troubled my mind, but I was decided to enjoy every second of it.
Once I got out of the airport of Rome, the first thing that amazed me was the noise of the street, people talking loud (like Italians do) with gestures and gorgeous smiles. 
 I have to admit today, and I am serious about it; nobody laughs better and happier than Italians. They just smile and laugh with every cell of their body and that my friend: that is contagious!
 I can’t describe today with a splashy or classy words, because I don’t have them and my memory left me out,( I was in Italy 13 years ago and the last time was 10 years ago) what I can tell most are the images printed in my heart and mind today. 
 When I first saw the Coloseum, I don’t think I was truly aware of the structure, architecture and the amazing job that Romans did on this one. But going further and looking at the buildings and the streets I realized how amazing history is and how far we’ve come today. 
Still, I believe today that Italy remains the HEART of European history, that they are amazing in what is comes to arts and banking J (this is not a joke) 
 Food, yes I love food and Yes I am addicted to Italian food, either is pasta, pizza, salads, fish or just a piece  of meet, trust me you will never eat real Italian food until you go to Italy.
 The products, the flavors, the smell and the cuisine techniques are unique, period, there is nothing to add, nobody can copy that! 
 Next day I went to Florence, where I discovered art and I realized how poor my level of cultural art knowledge is. From that day, I loved paintings and I loved architecture. There is no other name for Florence than Paradise and Renascence (born again or Reinvent Yourself). 
 The last thing on my mind when I think back then is Fashion. If you are into it or even extreme fashionista, you will find the goodie bag, the paradise of fashion and shoes. 
 Yes, we have today so many luxurious brands  all over Europe, French are as good as hell in what comes to fashion, my message here is, you don’t have to wear Versace because any Italian artisan will put his heart in that item and it will make it look like 1000USD  a piece. 
 I will leave you with one taught about Italy ( and that is LOVE LIFE) and the only words that come to an end is 
 -happy people-being 100% alive here and now-best food ever-best cultural discovery EVER, EVER! 
 Love and miss you dear Belleza, 
 Sincerely yours, 
 Reinvent Yourself 

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