Memories from the past, going into the future

They say that education and memories remain within us, most probably   forever. 
It is scientifically proven today that your education and the way you felt as a child will follow you a teenager and as an adult. 
 I can confirm that 100% and today I would like to tell you a short store; a memory of mine that proves to become a part of me today in my 30s. 
I was probably 12 when my mom and I traveled to France for more than 3 months. She was studding her master degree so we lived in the university           campus. 
I was going at school near the campus and I was very happy. I had the chance to have my mom just for me, as I always dreamed. These memories are probably one of the best times of my childhood. Don’t get me wrong, I love my brother very much, however having all the attention and the love of my motherwas absolutely heaven on earth. 
The finances where not at their best but I was happy with little. 
So living in the campus allowed me to get to know a lot of students, and trust me as I child you couldn’t ignore me. I was open in speaking to others,             learning new things and fascinated about different cultures. 
This is how I met my mom’s future best friends: Valerie and Binette. 
Valerie was French, beautiful, fresh, impeccable skin and gorgeous eyes. She was the “French beauty” that I dreamed to be. 
When seeing her, I was happy because I knew she will answer my questions, she will offer me candy and she will definitely let me spend some time with   her. 
When my mom was not around, I use to go in her room and watch cartoons J (yeah still a kid) 
Binette on the other side was the exotic beauty that I could never be. Her perfect black skin, her body shaped as like someone made a draw model and     her perfect smile, made me approach her and ask: 
-You are so beautiful, and your hair is perfect. Can I sit next to you? J
She laughed and she said 
-“thank you, you are welcome”. 
She sensed immediately the different accent  and she asked me “where are you from? “And this is how a story began and she left a huge print o my  heart.  Trough her I discovered tastes from Africa, Senegal dances and the joy of life trough songs. 
Later on, before returning into Romania, we went to this kind of market where people sell their old things for almost nothing. That day mom bought me a doll that I named Binette and I kept it for probably 10 year (don’t know where is it now) 
Valerie made a me a card that I still have (20 years later) and watch it from times to times. 
This is how they will remain in my memories and in my heart for ever: as the two French girls that changed my life, they liked me for what I was: a kid
 So let me tell today, how this changed my life forever. 
Meet Loredana, the hard working busy mum that find time to enjoy her true passion: making dolls. 
Loredana is working more than 8 hours a day, and trust me: she is a hard working women, her job is not the easiest. Although life was hard on her sometimes, she never gave up. She is a role model in what comes to optimism, organization and discipline. She has a son and a husband, takes very good care of them and finds time to create what she love the most: Dolls. Her dolls are very much alike to the one I had. 
She learned sewing very young, at school and she loved it so much that today (even if she spends almost 6 hours on a doll) she does it with all the passion  in the world. 
You can purchase today directly from her (as we are not yet a commercial organization) prices can change from 25-30 Euros up to 40 USD for the US and Australia, free delivery included (via postmail). 
They around 400-500g maximum and they are totally Eco friendly. 
You can wash them manually or in machine.  For each doll, one dress offered.
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