When SELF is more than (ish)

I’ve seen lately such a huge wave on the self that made me wonder:  where is the limit of the self care before it becomes totally selfish? 
 It all started with the self esteem phenomenon when we all realize we are missing a piece, or something is out of frame to make us a whole, a 100% functional and happy. 
 Then it went on with the selfie wave and it’s so damaging that today we have more selfie deadly accidents than shark attacks or even killing animals for a selfie (WTF???). You may laugh, at the begging (I did) but then it’s really concerning to see that out of narcissism or simply too much focus on yourself may damage so much others and even yourself. 
 Then you have the yoga meditation phenomenon, when you have to listen to yourself, care for yourself and think about yourself! (There is lot of self there I know) 
I do yoga, but only for “medical” purposes, I need to stretch my body and breathing is mandatory in any sports not only yoga. If you run, your breath is more important than the rhythm, so let’s not blame mediation or yoga for the “self”. 
 Today, so many have made a business on the ground of something that is NOT a business. 
 Yoga is not about only about yourself, is not a business and its principles have nothing to do with being selfish. So if you want to start yoga, don’t let yourself brainwashed on things that you don’t believe in. 
 Stretch yourself, breath, take asanas for what they are, but don’t fall into a trap believing you are the center of the universe and everything belongs only to you. 
 No, this is not real life! 
 The reality is simple; your happiness it depends on you Yes, but when it involves others (let’s not forget we live in a society full of people) you must be conscientious that your well being also involves other. 
 So are you willing to hurt others for your happiness? How much of it do you care? Can you find a way to make it work in both ways? 
 Can we live our entire life only thinking about ourselves? Does it really make us happy?  
 I can’t, most definitely I am not willing and not happy concerning only for myself. 
 I like to take care of myself, listen to my mind and the signs that I receive daily, to my body when it’s tired and exhausted, but I am not willing to walk on others just to make my smart ass happy. 
I think we shall all take a deep breathe and remember this one: 
 “When you look down on a person, do it because you are helping them lift up”
 Have you met someone extreme in his behavior? 
 I have and it hurts like s*it, but I know it’s not me and this is how I can accept the facts.
 Sincerely yours,
Reinvent Yourself 

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