Sex is not just sex!


This article is a proper personal opinion, there is no scientific research behind it!

So I've seen scrolling down my screen dozen of articles about sex, safe sex, one night stand,how oragsm should feel and all the other parts of sex. 
I had one thought, is it really just one night stand? Could it be, so people the next have no feelings? Is it possible to have sex with NO attachment? 
I read often Spirit Science articles, and I found a lot of truth from my point of view on the fact that sex it can be that easy. 
If you look into what sex is, first of all is reproduction: a part of me and a part of you get together, form a cell, give life! 
So how can we be so "easy" on the spiritual part of sex? How can we just think that "exchanging" fluids is just a fling? 
Is it maybe that with that "moment" we try actually to fulfill something that is missing?
Now on the other side, is proven by psychologists, research and studies that a person who tends to have more partners in a lifetime, has a high need of "being loved". 
I truly believe in spirit science, I believe that when you have sex with someone, you give a part of you, even if it is for 30 minutes or all night long. More partners you have, more you give. 
In order to receive, you give yes, but are you receiving what DO You need? 
You need love, you need care, you need to be forgiven, you need to be touched into your deepest part of your soul, you need ....yourself. 
Nobody knows you better than you, so why do you give up on you? 
When was the last time you look at yourself naked and you where proud (not only of your body, but of you spirit, your mighty force that it's inside you?)
I read often articles in how you should treat yourself better, but if you give up on yourself into a stranger's arms, he doesn't know what to do with all this fragile body, all these feelings!
You're lost? Don't lose yourself more than this! 
Spiritual science, proves, more you take care of yourself, more you'll take the best from others, from life.
I am not here to blame, I am not having the religious speech, what I am telling you is simple: 
Taking sex for granted is taking yourself for granted, and if you don't take care of yourself, who will than? 
Are you on that first date and you feel the goose bump, you see the sparkle in his/her eyes? Before going crazy excited, horny and overwhelmed by all the feelings in your body and mind, ask yourself just one question: 
Is this for me? and then just look at signs....The first thing to remember when you doubt if you are one the right path is your body: He will always tell you the truth. 
And if you get to go further, look more and more at the signs, they are visible on early stages and you'll know what to do next. 
Take care and don't forget: Don't give up on yourself! 
Reinvent Yourself