Great changes come with spring

Looking back into my past I’ve tried to find out if there any recurrence of events and if there was a specific time of the year.

I know it sounds crazy, I can’t explain why I went to research on this one, but I had the feeling that the best changes or the biggest changes in my life are always during spring.


April and May are specific months and I see that not only myself but in general women tend to start over during spring.


Maybe it’s because spring brings that “so wanted” ray of light after a hard, grey winter and we all need to reinvent ourselves and just simply enjoy the fresh sunny rays.

I am born in July; no matter where you live July is the hottest month of the year. When I was young, I use to love heat, like desert heat. Within time and after living in Poland, I no longer need the overwhelming heat; I need just a little sunshine.

And it’s the best moment of the day: just sitting there face to the sun, eyes closed, absorbing the light just like a lizard.

Great thinks that I’ve achieved during spring?

Left all my jobs during March and April, found the best jobs I had in April-May.

Found the places (apartments) where I used to live the longest between March and May.

During these periods I also met, people that I keep close to my heart even today 10-15 year s later: my best friends, great colleagues that taught me how business work in corporation, mentors who guided my way when I couldn’t see the end of the tunnel and so on.

Again, this month I had a lot of solutions coming along (require and you should receive) to difficult situations. I have found the apartment; I so badly need for the week as a second residence.

I have understood that people who hate me, they are just insecure, unhappy, frustrated and they need to take this out on me.

I have finally accepted (finally) that people will never change; no matter how hard you try, because change comes from the inside and nobody can force that.

And the last one: I have understood what Divine means and I am sure 100% that there is Divinity even in a flower! (I have recently done the experiment and watered my plant when I was in a bad mood and then happy, the results are just bluffing).


So yes, great changes, come with spring.

With love,


Reinvent Yourself