5 Lessons that I’ve learned from French women

I’ve been living now for more than 2 consecutive years in France, although I have already an overall experience of 7 years in this country.  I needed probably to work here and in be in my 30’s so I could understand better how this country works and what are main values.

I’ve always been fascinated about the French fashion, French food and wines, but mostly I always wondered how women are so strong here.  Here are the lessons that I’ve learned from the French ladies.

1)      Independence

French women are independent no matter what. Whether she has 1 or 5 kids, women will always have their financial and social independence. Even with small kids (babies) it’s very common to see the mum going out, have her night out with friends and live her life the way she wants. You will probably tell me that you don’t need to French to have this one, but I can insure you not all cultures accept the mother’s separation from her child this fast! French women have help, and when I say help I am talking about real financial help from the government, which is amazing! This allows them to go further no matter what they chose.

2)      Self esteem

French women have values, they know their potential and they value it. Tell a French woman that she has to do the dishes before going to be: You’ll have one badass answer: Like “go fuck yourself or just simply: You can do it yourself, what are you waiting for?” Or, respecting yourself is part of a healthy mental life, we should all apply that.

3)      Natural look

French ladies are probably the best “natural looks” in Europe and even worldwide. My pharmacist is the kind of Lady that I want to be in my 60’s. She is perfectly natural, she has a natural smooth skin, with wrinkles, she never wears make up, just a little green line crayon on her eyelids to highlight her eyes colors and a little bit of lipstick. She wears her natural grey hair but she is very stylish; wears great dresses, perfect shoes and simple jewelry. French are very well known for their natural, fresh looks.

4)      Education or not?

In France if you don’t have a master degree it’s not a big deal. If you have an ordinary job but you like it, nobody will judge you. You are free to be who you want and what you want. French women are not necessarily feminist because they are fully aware of their power and they don’t need to make a fuss out of it.If you chose the education side, you rock it! French are good in education and women tend to bring it to perfection

5)      Finances

In generally French are good with budgeting, but women are true bad asses! Not only French are skinny by nature and the way they eat, but they have a clear vision on budgets. They know exactly how much they should spend on grocery, car, insurances, taxes, etc.So at the end of the year, once they’ve rocked their budget, you might see them in holidays around the world, enjoying the beauty of life.  Simple isn’t it?

I am definitely going this way, if it works for them, it should work for me!