Back in the game, don't give up!

I've recently having seconds thoughts if keeping the zen store open (since I have nothing to sale)  or just shut it down. 

I wanted, honestly I wanted to give up, I don't have the time, neither the resources to keep a daily blog, updated and create my dream products for sale.

Then I remembered: "this is what you do, you back up every time it becomes difficult, every time you don't get what you wants easily, you just let it go. " 

And it true, I give up so easily even tho I am the best in preaching bravery and courage.

Ho many of you are in my shoes right now? I bet I am not alone. 

SO, the first lesson I am giving myself today, is taking responsibility for what I want, taking responsibility for the plans I've made. 


When I bought the domain it didn't cost me nothing and the plan, was to go further, to experience "own success" . 

If I can rely on myself and my decisions, how could I possibly expect others to do so? 

If I don't respect and go forward with my choices, how could others do so ? 

Am I an example for my own child?(even for myself) 


When in doubt, ask yourself those two  simple questions and conclude with the last one: 

-What do you want? 


Be precise, clear, honest, devoted and true to yourself. 


Today I chose  to keep the zen store open, I chose to dare myself and by the end of July have at least 3 items that I will create with my bare hands for sale. 

I chose to share this with you, because I know so many of you out there are lost as hell as I am. 


You are not alone, you have Yourself and the Universe! 


Sincerely yours, 



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