Anger management (part2)

What makes people angry? Where does anger come from?


I’ve wondered long time where did all my anger came from. I look often at people and I want to understand, to empathize, to help, because I know how anger makes us feel.


Frustration, confusion, sadness, fear, hurt… and so many other words, could build the source of it.


When you’re angry, you are powerless, you are sensitive, you are vulnerable, you are exposing a huge part of yourself, you didn’t even believe it exist.  


They say take a deep breath, inhale count to five and exhale.


For some it may work, for others there is no other way around, we just see red or black light in front of us and nothing can’t stop that ticking bomb, the explosion.


What I like about looking at others in the middle of a fight, is the way we turn things around, the way we perceive it, is far from what we should receive.




If one shows frustration for bad result, another one might take out a lesson from that failure.


I’ve failed lately, I’ve failed myself, probably my family, I’ve been a mess emotionally lately.


I still don’t know what makes me want to go on and not quit, the more I consider it the more I realize I need to reinvent myself.




You know those dreams that you’ve created day and night? Those hopes that kept you creating, fighting and overcoming yourself?


That is the Reinvent yourself power, and you should follow your instinct.


When you don’t listen to yourself, you ignore that 6th sense, that third eye that is always there watching your back and guides.


Been there, done that, now I have to pay the bill.


Conclusion- Listen to yourself, love yourself, trust yourself.




If that inner you is saying to go in a different direction, go for it! If you guts tell yo uyou should stay and watch what happens do it so, don’t delete yourself from your OWN plans, and by the way MAKE your own plans, cause if you don’t, others will make one for you.




Yours faithful,




Reinvent Yourself


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